Qualification by Experience

We know you gotta have more than a piece of paper to prove you’re a real barber BUT sometimes having that piece of paper can be a game-changer.


Be validated. Experienced but don’t have your New Zealand qualification? BarberCraft can help:
Holding a Level 4 New Zealand qualification:
  • Clearly shows New Zealand employers what skills you have
  • Gives you a qualification that is respected across the world
  • Allows you train apprentices and help others get qualified
  • Opens up employment opportunities for your future

We’re helping barbers get qualified at BarberCraft through the HITO Qualification by Experience process (Q by E).

Q by E helps experienced barbers (and hairdressers, FYI) credit their work experience towards the NZ qualification in barbering.’

No attending classes or starting from scratch as an apprentice for you – just show us your experience and we’ll help you get qualified!

If you’ve got more than 3 years’ experience as a barber, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss options with you. We’ve also got options for international applicants here on a work visa, so if that’s you, get in touch too!


Please submit your interest before Friday 31 March to be sure we can include you on the day!
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